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Recycled Bond 20 lb

Same high quality characteristics as our 733 Recycled Bond 20 lb ink jet bond except manufactured with

30% post consumer waste recycled content.

We recognize the many benefits of using recycled inkjet bond paper.  Although the cost is marginally higher, the benefits range from conserving energy, reducing solid waste, decreasing pollution, improving the quality of waste water, reducing the pressure on forests and improving health standards.

Model: DIE-733-R24150
20 Recycled Ink Jet Bond 24"x150'As Low As $54.00 ..
Model: DIE-733-R30150
20 Recycled Ink Jet Bond 30"x150'As Low As $66.00 ..
Model: DIE-733-R36150
20 Recycled Ink Jet Bond 36"x150'As Low As $78.00 ..
Model: DIE-733-R36300
20 Recycled Ink Jet Bond 36"x300'As Low As $49.00 ..
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