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Bond Paper 24 lb

Dietzgen 435 Laser Bond Paper 24 lb.

  • Dietzgen 435 Laser Bond is specifically designed to meet all OEM equipment manufactures specifications for bond paper including weight, smoothness, humidity content, toner adhesion and converting with curl and static control.
  • All rolls are precision trimmed with no splices.
  • Bright white smooth base assures excellent toner adhesion & high contrast dense images.  (92 Brightness)
  • The 24 lb base increases the handling and durability of prints with less show-thru and more contrast.
  • An economical sulfite bond designed for architectural and construction check plots and plans including maps and some design artwork.
  • Designed specifically for engineering copiers.
  • Prints are not considered archival.

Special Note:  When ordering specify taped or untapped to core.
Specify “C Core” for untapped and “D Core” for tapped.
Use “C” for all Kip, Ricoh, Seiko and Oce Printers.
Use “D” for all Xerox machines.

Do not use Tapped rolls in a machine designed for untapped rolls.
Using the wrong paper in a machine can/will cause the machine to fail to switch rolls at the end of a roll, possibly cause a jam and damage to the machine.

Model: DIE-435C-R24500
LDC 24lb Bond 24"x500' UntapedAS LOW AS $73.69 ..
Model: DIE-435C-R30500
LDC 24lb Bond 30"x500' UntapedAS LOW AS $78.96 ..
Model: DIE-435C-R36500
LDC 24lb Bond 36"x500' UntapedAS LOW AS $78.96 ..
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