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Dietzgen 494 Laser Double Matte Film .004

  • Specifically formulated for the high heat fusing in engineering copiers.
  • Double matte with special anti-static coating.
  • Crisp images and excellent contrast.
  • Superior toner adhesion.
  • 4 mil Base provides extra handling characteristics.
  • Erasable image without surface damage with a moist vinyl eraser. 
Model: DIE-494-R24150
LDC .004 Double Matte Film 24"150 1 Roll Per CartonAs Low As $178.54..
Model: DIE-494-R30150
LDC .004 Double Matte Film 30"150 1 Roll Per CartonAs Low As $317.17..
Model: DIE-494-R36150
LDC .004 Double Matte Film 36"150 1 Roll Per CartonAs Low As $278.64..
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