What does it take to make a happy customer?

What does it take to make a happy customer these days? In a world of “I need this yesterday” that is hindered by supply chain issues, that is a tough question. The best answer I can come up with is: Communication. That is probably the best service we can provide our customers is communication. It seems everyone from toothpick makers to bridge builders are having the same issue these days and there is no way around it except patience & communication. Luckily we have some pretty understanding customers and some good contacts with our vendors that allow Xact Supply to circumvent some of these road blocks and pull off some pretty timely miracles for our clients.

We recently had a customer come to us that was having a terrible experience with another service provider. The customer explained the situation and that it had been lingering on for a few days and was desperate to get jobs out to their crews. The Xact Supply technicians were on site the very next morning. Within an hour of arriving the machine had been disassembled, cleaned and diagnosed. During that time we explained exactly what each part does in the process and why we are eliminating it as a cause of the main issue. That little bit of communication brought comfort to the end user and they completely understood what was going on. At that point we give an estimate of the repair costs and the ETA for parts needed for the repair. We believe in giving you all of your options upfront and letting you choose which direction to move your business and at this point the customer asked us to provide a quote on a new system vs repairing the old one. Within a few hours, the customer had a repair quote and a replacement quote to contemplate. By that afternoon the end user had placed the order for a new Canon TZ30000 but was in desperate need to supply plans ASAP. The supply chain issues that are hindering a lot of areas are also slowing printer deliveries but we just happened to have one arriving that day so we prepped the machine for delivery the next morning. The new system was installed by 10 am the next day. The customer could not believe that we were able to pull something off so quickly and for a great price. By the time our techs left the install, there was already a set of plans on the printer waiting to be delivered to an awaiting crew.

The moral of this story is to always communicate with a customer whether it's good news or bad, they need to hear it. And also, order your printers early and have a great day!