What does USF know that others may not?

Well, probably a lot since they are a well respected university that specializes in medicine, engineering and much more.  They also know the benefits of working with Xact Supply. The prompt, experienced service. The friendly, knowledgeable sales staff and the speedy delivery driver. USF has been a recipient of all of these perks for nearly 20 years with multiple departments using our services. Whether they need plotter supplies, service or its just time to update older equipment, they know that Xact Supply is the place to go for everything printing related.

Recently, the plotter in their facilities management department had just stopped working and they needed a replacement. So of course they reached out to Xact Supply for help. After considering multiple bids on a new system, they chose a new Canon TZ30000 color MFP and wouldn’t you know it, Xact had the lowest cost around.  They even took advantage of a great rebate promotion from Canon that Xact doubled as part of our “Double Rebates” promo.  The facilities team is now fully functional again with the latest and greatest technology that Canon has to offer and the full protection of a service contract with Xact Supply.

If you are looking for quality products, you can find them anywhere. If you want quality service and people to go along with the quality products, come visit Xact Supply. I hope all of you are taking notes because USF is teaching lessons that you should already know.  Have a great day!