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933 Gloss Vinyl Self Adhesive Banner

  • 933 is a high quality, gloss calendered vinyl with a superior, permanent solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed for UV curable, solvent and eco-solvent printer technologies.  The adhesive coating technology allows a permanent bond to virtually any mounting surface.
  •  933 Polymeric vinyl designed for 3-5 year durability.  (Most low cost vinyl is monomeric which does not hold up well) 
  • The 933 4 mil vinyl provides ease of handling and application over the standard 2-3 mil gauges of competitors.
  • The 933 solvent acrylic permanent adhesive avoids any edge lift and is far superior to the aquesous acrylic adhesive which do not withstand temperature changes very well.
  • 933 uses a two side PE coated lay flat liner for problem free transport through the printer and ease of handling.  One side coated or kraft liners are much less costly but tend to curl.
  • The 933 image is excellent.  Low quality vinyl products made with cheap plasticizer have bleeding and image adhesion problems.
  • 933 vinyl is compliant with European environment standards for cadmium and lead.  Most competitors products do not meet this heavy metal requirement.
Model: DIE-933-R38131
Solvent Gloss Scrim Vinyl Banner  Self Adhesive 37"x150' Box 1 ..
Model: DIE-933-R54131
Solvent Gloss Scrim Vinyl Banner  Self Adhesive 54"x150' Box 1 ..
Model: DIE-933-R63131
Solvent Gloss Scrim Vinyl Banner  Self Adhesive 61"x150' Box B ..
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