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937 One Way Vision Self Adhesive (1.8)

  • 937 is a high quality, PVC vinyl film with a superior solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed for UV curable, solvent and exo-solvent printer technologies.  Applications include: 
  • Window advertisements on buildings, offices and shops.
  • Suitable for applications on transparent glass, acrylics and polycarbonate.
  • Widely used in retail outlets, POP displays, service stations and convenience stores
  • Vehicle advertisements on cars, buses and trains.
  • Excellent resistance to wide range of physical and climatic conditions.
  • Due to the low tack adhesive, training is not necessary….it’s easy-on, easy-off.
Model: DIE-937-R54150
Solvent One Way Vision Self Adhesive (1.8)  54"x150' Box 1 ..
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